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Blue Diameter 114mm High-Frequency Welded Pipe Mill Line

High-Frequency Welded Pipe Mill Line is designed to produce welded pipes of 50~101.6mm in diameter and 1.0~4.0mm.



HG114 High-frequency welded pipe mill line

Main Parameters and Specifications

High-Frequency Welded Pipe Mill Line is designed to produce welded pipes of 50101.6mm in diameter and 1.04.0mm in wall thickness as well as square and rectangular pipes and deformed pipes of the corresponding size. Adopting roll pass design, the production line can manufacture welded steel pipes with good quality machining and high precision assembling.



Power Volume of the Line


Power Source


Circulation Cooling Water



30T/h40 T/h

Pool Volume


Compressed Air





57kg/ cm2


Model Diameter Range Pipe Thickness Molding speed(m/min) Motor Power(KW) Mechanical area
HG20 8-20MM 0.3-1MM 30-120 55 7×50
HG32 12-32MM 0.3-2.0MM 30-120 75 7×50
HG50 16-50MM 0.8-2.5MM 30-110 110 7×60
HG60 20-60MM 0.8-3MM 30-100 132 7×65
HG76 12-76MM 1-3MM 30-100 320 8×80
HG89 32-89MM 1-4MM 30-80 350 8×80
HG114 45-114MM 1.5-5.0MM 30-60 400 10×100
HG165 60-165MM 3-7MM 30-50 600 10×110
HG219 114-219MM 4-8MM 20-40 800 12×150
HG273 114-273MM 4-10MM 15-30 1000 18×160
HG325 165-325MM 4-12MM 10-30 1200 18×180
HG426 165-426MM 4-16MM 8-25 1400 18×180
HG508 219-508MM 4-20MM 8-20 2000 21×180

About us

About us

New Full Automation

The company has a strong technical ability, strong business ability, vibrant team. Through the unremitting efforts of all staff, in recent years the company has occupied most of the domestic market, and exported to Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, South Africa, Kazakhstan and other dozens of countries and regions, from domestic and foreign customers.


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Our Services

1.) We will send the engineer for the installation and training your workers how to operate this machine in correct way.
2.) Warranty Team
One year quality guarantee, life guarantee repair. Within quality guarantee period, except for failures caused by human error, repair parts will be provided for free. After the quality guarantee period, only charge the cost of the spare parts.
3.) We supply the pre-sell and after-sell service.
pre-sell service: workshop design, and production output design
after-sell service: installation and training, and the skilled engineer for working.
4.) We can also sent the engineer working for you serval months or 1 year. The engineer will help you to improve the output, reduce the waste and decrease the cost.
5.) We supply the pre-sell service-Design for whole project for stainless steel pipe making/ carbon steel pipe making.
6.) We will be responsible for the loading and shipping .

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Drill hole
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Drilling machine
Bearing heating

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Our company specializes in the production of pipe mill, slitting line,cold roll forming,stainless steel pipe mill and other equipment,On the basis of the introduction of the advanced technology of Japan, the company is innovative and the machine are manufactured in strict accordance with the standard of Japan.Advanced configuration,stable quality,excellent performance,with excellent market visibility and reputation,our machine has reached the world's leading level.

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Our equipment has been exported to dozens of countries and regions such as Egypt, Greece,South Korea,Vietnam,Indonesia,South Africa,etc.,and received favorable comments from domestic and foreign customers.

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